Cozy Sweater

I’ve been asking around what do you usually  wear during winter? And what is the key to American style and the common answer was COMFORT. Everything that keeps you warm and it is comfortable in the same time.So I am asking myself how do Americans handle FASHION if they have this kind of weather. Ok I will find out during my stay here, meanwhile I am just being prepared by buying useful stuff that doesn’t have to be trendy but as simple as COMFORT is.

Ne shqip mund te zgjatem me shume me lejohet. Por ideja e postimit te sotem eshte qe pavarsisht veshtiresive ne shqiptaret duam te vishemi mire dhe me kete nuk bejme fare kompromis.Por a mund te vishesh mire ne dimer ne nje vend ku moti dhe mendesia nuk sugjerojne keshtu? Kete do ta zbulojme gjate periudhes time te qendrimit ketu por nderkohe me duhet te vishem apo jo. Kesaj radhe po degjojme amerikanet dhe po zgjedh dicka te ngrohte e te rehatshme si ky gold gri leshi.

Turtle Neck H&M

Pants Asos White

Sneakers ADIDAS

Photography  Lorest Sollaku

IMG_2751 IMG_2755 IMG_2766 IMG_2771 IMG_2774 IMG_2777 IMG_2779 IMG_2795 IMG_2787 IMG_2797 IMG_2788

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