Tracksuit is IN

Moving to New York is a big change for the entire family, and we have to admit that we are split in 2 groups right now. The one that Do like America and the one who actually Don’t. Your already know in which group Sharmin belongs FOR NOW.

Having to adjust here it is not easy and keeping on posting is also a THING, but I still enjoy and keep thinking of it so here it is. The next post is about tracksuits ,I don’t blame Americans this is a trend that really fits the busy lifestyle here tracksuits are an investments. I couldn’t choose a better one than WHITE 😀 with the American flag from the man section 🙂 so my husband can use it after my POST ,I am smart right.

I have matched it with red skinny sunglasses and red coat. You tell me if you Do like it or Do NOT ?

Tracksuit BOOHOO

Eyewear Livho

Photography Lorest S

_MG_3347 _MG_3345 _MG_3321 _MG_3320 _MG_3317 _MG_3314 _MG_3304 _MG_3305 _MG_3310


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