Black Manhattan

I still can’t believe this will be my last post from New York for now. I must admit this is a very nice and powerful outfit to make a statement because it is classic and black.

I had big dreams and big expectations from this wonderful city,but unfortunately I have to postpone them until the right time. For now I have to enjoy the most important thing in Life LIFE. So goodbye New York in my total black look and Hermes Bag.

I know you love me too 🙂 and you will miss me right?

Photography Klevin Halili

Coat Zara

Eyewear Celine

Bag Hermes

Shoes Zara

8F44B459-9B91-4FB3-9987-C829E7899D60 E5348CE5-B272-4B23-924C-A483DB7F74B9 2142B1B6-1F00-463B-BCD7-9B5408F30EBA 4B2EEFF9-0201-49C0-A388-EC2026E8932B 74A58B74-7F88-4E4E-A0D3-1CDF9685775A 16E86A78-B306-47BC-8AC5-417292C10F2A 9BE0A6FF-19C8-4F68-9004-34E328D6F8FC

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