Tier Classes

I have been moderating in a television for 5 years and also have hosted different events, but this was my first time as a lecturer for a start- up  school  such as Tier Classes. I would like to thank Rolanda Balla for giving me this opportunity to hold two classes, and also all the participants which were more than 55. I was so excited,never felt such a good and positive energy and feedback from young ladies who come to invest on their own future.

The Topic I prepared was Branding Module and I think we achieve the objective.In the end of the 2 hours lesson everyone came out to consider themselves as a  Brand and have some simple guidelines on how to do things right.

The school itself is an environment with 1000 square meter feet a modern but also welcoming place where the light is amazing. Don’t blame students wanted also to take good pictures.

What I wore

Kohar Dress

MOA gloves

Zara boots

Lindex pearled socks

Photography Ani Barjami

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