Social Media Management

Last Saturday was the second and last Class for me at Tier Classes. We talked about Social Media Management and I hope I helped young ladies to understand better how Social Media works nowadays as the most powerful marketing channel for Fashion industry especially.

The Lecture this time was conceived as a workshop or an open discussion sharing personal experiences with Instagram mainly.  Most of the questions were about how to build audience on Instagram how to make those numbers count? And believe me it is not a exact answer for that. but you have to build your own strategy what does work for you and share absolutely original and qualitative content in order to get back engagement. The short way and easy way is not the right way also on socials. We became part of these Social platforms accidentally  not to earn money so I truly believe we have to keep and treat somehow ourselves with the same respect. You can use the channels to promote and gain business but at some point you should not permit others  use you. I feel like an important actor in this market and I love the fact i gave my contribute to new Brands participating in both classes, so here it is my thankful post with all your pictures. Feel free to comment here on the blog or at the social media so i can tag all of you and follow you back


Dress Kohar

Photography Ani Barjami

AI3I7144 AI3I7141 AI3I7132 AI3I7125 AI3I7123 AI3I7121
AI3I7083 AI3I7078 AI3I7064
AI3I7058 AI3I7057
AI3I7055 AI3I7052
AI3I7019 AI3I7016

AI3I7013 AI3I7012

AI3I7001 AI3I6965 AI3I6963
AI3I6997 AI3I6995 AI3I6961 AI3I6979 AI3I6960 AI3I6977 AI3I6935 AI3I6969
AI3I6967 AI3I6930 AI3I6966
AI3I6933 AI3I6922 AI3I6921 AI3I6916 AI3I6914
AI3I6903 AI3I6887 AI3I6873 AI3I6727
AI3I6870 AI3I6864 AI3I6859 AI3I6857 AI3I6804 AI3I6758 AI3I6732 AI3I6728

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