Abstract Pyjamas

We’ve been living an early Spring which let us get rid of layers and explore the Spring Light Suits.Such as Pajama Suits which can be worn both in heels or sneakers. Something I have been looking for for so long are these long hair clips which are very IN right now. I choose mines from Zara and I am so glad I found them in Milan.

So here it is my early spring outfit from La Femme Boutique

Suit La Femme

Heels l’identity from @candyshoes

Bag Tosca Blu

Hair and Makeup @Gstudio

Credits @anibarjami


451B2AB4-DEDF-44BA-90F6-E9F1A04EB267 EABAA320-D12A-485E-861B-A8BB75403E5A B37BF32E-75F6-44F5-BDA1-B05CFD41AFE9 8215BC2E-A41C-4FCD-9198-DAE35EA0A53C163B2726-E4B1-4728-9817-0E4E2F0E7911


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