Trying to create a list of things better in Albania than anywhere else and you know what… it looks like the list isn’t that short.

Starting from the coffee-shops and we can’t argue on this.We have the best coffee-shops, one for each person I guess.

What about salons and treatments aren’t ours the cheapest on the region and the most professional and accurate the same time?

Wait expensive cars ?! Recently it is not a common phenomenon but still I think we drive good cars comparing to the neighbors.

What about the weather we have four seasons and too sunny days even in winter which is very good for living.

We have great food with the lowest prices and very beautiful places indeed.

And yes we have beautiful girls and yes I am talking about myself too 😀

We are the only country in the world who doesn’t need psychologists we do have friends and coffee for that.

So here comes my smiley face to approve what i mentioned above

Shirt Massimo Dutti

Jeans Massimo Dutti

Eyewear Boucheron @optika1

Watch Calvin Klein

Earing #pergrate

Credits @anibarjami


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