Vjosa MUA

9861D2AD-577E-455B-9D89-83190CD8EC13 1F20BBB2-EA60-479E-B8DF-437BA8C56D8D DE97ED76-7FFD-4D3C-A0E5-9047D13946B3 B9DACC67-1178-48C1-8F66-A865077E4122B7A55622-5EC8-479C-A84A-D5381E89A9724A455839-7083-426C-8E91-E5DF17C6F6F033E3C36D-67BD-42DD-910A-152121EC15839D3EC51E-6956-4D80-BF02-E59A44D4885B 0285D8FE-CC36-442B-9B6F-78567C97C913I enjoyed this Beauty Talk in a special way because of the expressiveness of the Guest Vjosa from New York. She is an Albanian girl from Kosovo who started her carrier as a Mac employee first. She moved to LA to join Mac at Beverly Hills then she joined Anastasia Beverly Hills team for a short period to become after a full time free lancer and to contribute to her brand Vjosa MUA and to found another successful brand of fake eyelashes called Duart Beauty.

Vjosa organized her first masterclass in Albania which by my opinion was very worthy and very communicative. She got rhythm and passion into this job and she is very very perfectionist ,the thing I appreciate most about the Masterclass was tips about hygiene. She was sincere the whole time and she had  lots of humor so everyone was involved into the class.

I invite you to watch my Beauty Talk at my channel and also Vjosa’s Channel here.


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