• Swing Marathon

    This was my first time participating at this event The Swing Marathon. A Jazz Party into a train a real train which will bring the participants to Shkodra City. We had music drinks and life music in the train, also the Makeup Forever team who support with the makeup theme for 40’s and 50’s . I enjoyed the ride till Lezha and I had to stop there due to timelines but the Party become more interesting in Shkodra at Kafja e MADHE again playing live music and enjoying JAZZ.

    I would highly recommend this event because it is well organized with professional photographers and all the participants are artists at heart .

    So thumb  Up for Swing Marathon!


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  • Vjosa MUA

    9861D2AD-577E-455B-9D89-83190CD8EC13 1F20BBB2-EA60-479E-B8DF-437BA8C56D8D DE97ED76-7FFD-4D3C-A0E5-9047D13946B3 B9DACC67-1178-48C1-8F66-A865077E4122B7A55622-5EC8-479C-A84A-D5381E89A9724A455839-7083-426C-8E91-E5DF17C6F6F033E3C36D-67BD-42DD-910A-152121EC15839D3EC51E-6956-4D80-BF02-E59A44D4885B 0285D8FE-CC36-442B-9B6F-78567C97C913I enjoyed this Beauty Talk in a special way because of the expressiveness of the Guest Vjosa from New York. She is an Albanian girl from Kosovo who started her carrier as a Mac employee first. She moved to LA to join Mac at Beverly Hills then she joined Anastasia Beverly Hills team for a short period to become after a full time free lancer and to contribute to her brand Vjosa MUA and to found another successful brand of fake eyelashes called Duart Beauty.

    Vjosa organized her first masterclass in Albania which by my opinion was very worthy and very communicative. She got rhythm and passion into this job and she is very very perfectionist ,the thing I appreciate most about the Masterclass was tips about hygiene. She was sincere the whole time and she had  lots of humor so everyone was involved into the class.

    I invite you to watch my Beauty Talk at my channel and also Vjosa’s Channel here.


  • Sea Sun Fun

    The best period to enjoy the sun is early May the temperatures the climate itself is more convenient to have fun in the sun and not to sweat at all. I enjoyed very much this weekend in Durres and we took great pictures because of the right light. I choose a dress from HM an oversize one a little see-through but suitable for the beach walk. Matching the straw hat and the Pretty Ballerinas in shiny glow I think it made a good combo.

    Dress HM

    Hat Mango

    Shoes Pretty Ballerinas

    Eyewear Dior

    Credits Aldi Karaj

    0E212986-21BF-41D3-A96F-A47CEBBCFB84 0D50A735-4D55-4AE2-A26A-210CB9C41A26 9F662AA2-E31A-403F-BFAD-65E6EA894AB7 D5984647-2C60-430F-9FC5-AE8CAE718995 D9F38AB2-F487-44C8-B80E-DDE8500C71AA B32786D0-BA61-4FB9-BBCC-1D755FC6004D B400E06E-DBC8-4AA3-B88B-E73D77C661FD 7D752124-A415-40E3-A7EA-D6347402F05E 04AE9F7B-DB80-4FCF-BA5A-E752E7C05E9B


  • White is my Color

    I am getting used to white now,  I think I know my favorite color now which matches my skin and my character. Love this Sport Suit from Kohar which can be worn also with heels and with an elegant mood on. I am wearing this time shoes called Estela from Marcela Late collection which I love very comfortable and very qualitative I must say.

    I am going to post on my IG a Giveaway with the Estela’s from Marcela Lati Wedding Shoes 🙂

    Go to my IG to find out how to participate


    Outfit BAQA from Kohar

    Shoes Marcela Lati 

    Credits Aldi Karaj

    8A5B2A55-2CFC-4BDD-98C3-3EC2922D4DFB 7D9FBB0B-A035-417D-B71A-D0727412BFB3 59C910BD-19B5-4E2A-B72F-6D5D19140576F0418ECB-77AF-46FC-8FE0-07D9580A1B2A A9CD8334-EFAF-46AF-953A-98F6EEE0A01A

  • Bridal Make Up Beauty Talk

    I have always wanted to get married in a white dress. And I never did !

    Even though they say Big loves never end in a White dress I happen to wear it several times only for pictures and never with the Big Love by my side and every time getting better I must admit lol. This time I wore the white dress from Geraldina Sposa to create a Bridal Makeup Look with Eni Lena the Makeup Artist.

    I enjoyed it so much and played the role for a while. Here is the pictures and the video.


    Credits Aldi Karaj


    21671BBD-0CFB-46F8-9002-E1C8EE13DFF7 87651F1E-12F7-4A80-9C1F-AB83F21ED357 FD342214-D871-46C3-B9BC-62FD59BDEF1B 47E1C945-65AB-48C1-806C-C7C337EABB3C 06BC68DC-2885-4AB9-9AD0-062313C0321E95B939FB-3437-4773-87DD-6AB338914C7F

  • Snake Print

    I love silk dresses especially in Spring they are so comfy and feminine at the same time.

    Snake prints have been a MUST these past two years even though I am not a great fan i found this white and green combo very fresh so i choose to try it. I am so upset with myself that i forgot to put the belt which was really cool on this dress. I have put my Gucci sunglasses because snakes and Gucci fits good together. I am also so enthusiast about the double and triple piercing which now is a huge trend and I sacrificed on following it 😀

    Dress La Femme

    Eyewear Gucci

    Shoes Calvin Klein

    Bag Tosca Blu

    Credits @anibarjami

    D5011D2A-131F-4058-81F1-0F2499969542 F6481BB8-4385-484B-B2CC-E2B66C8BFD6F 09850222-73AD-4E43-9FCC-D0AF69D21DCB 992CD611-5948-4563-8DA9-816E1483498D EF85CB31-6011-45CE-840F-E609073013872FD9A919-C0E9-4193-942A-E3481567FEC00553975B-501D-4135-AC7A-58F1A8DE84C2 AB430578-3F36-4FCC-90A5-BD52571DD95F




  • Marilino

    Staying home in style like a queen is a milestone for every women, but who actually does?!

    Noone I guess unless we want him to fall for us which I think works for the first recent weeks then LIFE. I truly believe than memories are those in which we act and wear like fun and comfort more than perfect and classy.  Who wants to touch a beautiful think everyone is afraid of destroying it.

    BUT I must admit that the feeling of having everything in place like in a magazine makes you feel like unreal.

    Maxi Robe Marilino

    Hair and Makeup @gstudio

    Credits @anibarjami

    E38FABFB-AA9F-4F91-8274-044EA667C736 348A07BB-BAD5-48BA-A1FE-0171825C2909606D80A5-A85A-490C-A1F2-8C912B7842A3E7A38E31-B78E-4794-8748-B306E1487C80

  • Estela Beauty Talk Episode 1

    Dear all,


    here comes my Estela Beauty Talk project which in fact will be your magazine of trends secrets art history everything you want to know about beauty in simple chats with professionals and passionates public figures or vloggers. We gave them the possibility to express their creativity beauty secrets or whatever tip they want to share demonstrating into my face. It was an honor to start this series with Egerta Shehu Makeup Artist and Hair stylist founder of G-Studio with a summer look artistic also fresh with real flowers.

    What she used during our tutorial

    Chanel Palette

    Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter

    Estee Lauder Green Pencil

    Duart EyeLashes

    Here it is the final result and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.

    7F0C0EB0-29A4-4132-A5BC-A3A30DAB331E 05DC060F-EAFC-4A2B-B781-BAEF5E80086B 7456DDF5-3694-4997-98BB-1094A10D41A08F543D4A-8944-4ECD-AF9D-A696DCCA219566587BE2-A4C9-4700-A2FE-F9C8BF44A4518BA7EBF1-90C0-4F2C-9362-878D6FE2A9B7 03C7998C-B031-4D87-B18C-123B0CDB195B


  • Caffe

    Trying to create a list of things better in Albania than anywhere else and you know what… it looks like the list isn’t that short.

    Starting from the coffee-shops and we can’t argue on this.We have the best coffee-shops, one for each person I guess.

    What about salons and treatments aren’t ours the cheapest on the region and the most professional and accurate the same time?

    Wait expensive cars ?! Recently it is not a common phenomenon but still I think we drive good cars comparing to the neighbors.

    What about the weather we have four seasons and too sunny days even in winter which is very good for living.

    We have great food with the lowest prices and very beautiful places indeed.

    And yes we have beautiful girls and yes I am talking about myself too 😀

    We are the only country in the world who doesn’t need psychologists we do have friends and coffee for that.

    So here comes my smiley face to approve what i mentioned above

    Shirt Massimo Dutti

    Jeans Massimo Dutti

    Eyewear Boucheron @optika1

    Watch Calvin Klein

    Earing #pergrate

    Credits @anibarjami


    62BF3D97-5FEE-4D7F-840D-C6F3D11E1C75 6F35634D-4017-4C64-A8A7-58BB149712AA FBDF1142-6428-44A7-899D-34A29AF263E9 B031AE24-99E1-4406-9B70-ECDDDEFC0CD8



  • Abstract Pyjamas

    We’ve been living an early Spring which let us get rid of layers and explore the Spring Light Suits.Such as Pajama Suits which can be worn both in heels or sneakers. Something I have been looking for for so long are these long hair clips which are very IN right now. I choose mines from Zara and I am so glad I found them in Milan.

    So here it is my early spring outfit from La Femme Boutique

    Suit La Femme

    Heels l’identity from @candyshoes

    Bag Tosca Blu

    Hair and Makeup @Gstudio

    Credits @anibarjami


    451B2AB4-DEDF-44BA-90F6-E9F1A04EB267 EABAA320-D12A-485E-861B-A8BB75403E5A B37BF32E-75F6-44F5-BDA1-B05CFD41AFE9 8215BC2E-A41C-4FCD-9198-DAE35EA0A53C163B2726-E4B1-4728-9817-0E4E2F0E7911