• Kriper

    I love to explore new places in town especially if IĀ have special invitation.

    Kriper is the newest place in town with a very delicate style and Italian dishes curated at the finest way.

    We enjoyed a Ladies night out and had a great evening sharing our own experiences and chatting like women do. We didn’t figure out that the time passes so fast and the desert came.

    I wore a velvet mustard maxi dress from BAQA at Kohar and accessories by Pirro. Finally I could put my piercings as well after 2 weeks of provisory ones.

    Credits for Pictures and video Aldi Karaj



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  • Black Ribbon

    Time after Time i enjoy playing with my hair and now we can say that the best trends are those related to hair.

    From large clips to scarf and ribbons i really think that Hair Accessories are very cool and trendy right now.I tried with a minimal black ribbon from Lindex with a total black outfit Jumpsuit and Minimal Coat.

    Adding a touch of classy attitude with embellished gloves and bag also oversized glasses by Gucci i really feel like rocking again šŸ˜€

    Coat MAX & Co

    Jumpsuit Max & Co

    Bag Tosca Blu

    Gloves Tosca Blu

    Eyewear Gucci

    Ribbon Lindex

    Photography by Lorest.S

    _MG_3964 _MG_3955_MG_3953_MG_3996 _MG_3995 _MG_3993 _MG_3991

  • Yellow Faux Fur

    I love statement faux fur even though sometimes it feels like kind of gangsta style still I have to give a try. This mustard coat from Tier is special because its a maxi one, I ordered mine immediately when I saw the sample at the atelier. Matching with a grey knit dress and white sneakers I think its a super not so obvious outfit for weekend.

    Coat Tier

    Dress H&M

    Sneakers Reebok

    Eyewear Dior

    Photography L.Sollaku

    _MG_3814_MG_3812 _MG_3788 _MG_3785 _MG_3792 _MG_3795_MG_3851 _MG_3846 _MG_3836 _MG_3832 _MG_3845 _MG_3839 _MG_3762





  • Hexagon Frames by Gucci

    Something I am a great fan of are eyewear. Especially elegant frames which are not so obvious like the hexagon, classic but meantime elegant and stylish. Matched with the red lipstick I think I don’t need anything elseĀ  to add for a great week to come.

    Eyewear Gucci

    Sweater Max& Co

    Jumpsuit Max@Co

    Accessories Pirro

    Photography Soela Zani

    DSC_6629 DSC_6630
    DSC_6636 DSC_6642 DSC_6645 DSC_6646 DSC_6647 DSC_6648

  • Social Media Management

    Last Saturday was the second and last Class for me at Tier Classes. We talked about Social Media Management and I hope I helped young ladies to understand better how Social Media works nowadays as the most powerful marketing channel for Fashion industry especially.

    The Lecture this time wasĀ conceived as a workshop or an open discussion sharing personal experiences with Instagram mainly.Ā  Most of the questions were about how to build audience on Instagram how to make those numbers count? And believe me it is not a exact answer for that. but you have to build your own strategy what does work for you and share absolutely original and qualitative content in order to get back engagement. The short way and easy way is not the right way also on socials. We became part of these Social platforms accidentallyĀ  not to earn money so I truly believe we have to keep and treat somehow ourselves with the same respect. You can use the channels to promote and gain business but at some point you should not permit othersĀ  use you. I feel like an important actor in this market and I love the fact i gave my contribute to new Brands participating in both classes, so here it is my thankful post with all your pictures. Feel free to comment here on the blog or at the social media so i can tag all of you and follow you back


    Dress Kohar

    Photography Ani Barjami

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    AI3I7083 AI3I7078 AI3I7064
    AI3I7058 AI3I7057
    AI3I7055 AI3I7052
    AI3I7019 AI3I7016

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    AI3I6997 AI3I6995 AI3I6961 AI3I6979 AI3I6960 AI3I6977 AI3I6935 AI3I6969
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    AI3I6870 AI3I6864 AI3I6859 AI3I6857 AI3I6804 AI3I6758 AI3I6732 AI3I6728

  • Berat City

    What a better way to start the New Year than with a short trip to the city of BERAT,the cityĀ thousand windows,Ā Ā A UNESCO World Heritage site, BeratĀ is one of the mostĀ attractive Albanian cities ,it a shame to say that this was my first time to visit it and i enjoyed so much taking pictures at Mangalem neighborhood and at the Bridge in fron of Gorica village. We have to go bak to visit the museum but you know what Berat takes less than 2 hours drive from Tirana so it would be very easy to visit. I know it is kind of different to post from Berat after NYC but hey people have to find attractiveness and love in life after all.

    I felt like a tourist in my own country for a day,and the Americans made the guide to me (originate from Berat) so this really is a small world.I tasted the Zupa on Tourism Hotel and had a walk at the Mangalem neighborhood.

    If it does matter what I worn

    Zara Coat

    Asos Turtle Neck

    Cos Pants

    Eyelashes by The Glam House
    _MG_3678 _MG_3680 _MG_3681 _MG_3684 _MG_3691 _MG_3693 _MG_3696 _MG_3716 _MG_3741

  • Black Manhattan

    I still can’t believe this will be my last post from New York for now. I must admit this is a very nice and powerful outfit to make a statement because it is classic and black.

    I had big dreams and big expectations from this wonderful city,but unfortunately I have to postpone them until the right time. For now I have to enjoy the most important thing in Life LIFE. So goodbye New York in my total black look and Hermes Bag.

    I know you love me too šŸ™‚ and you will miss me right?

    Photography Klevin Halili

    Coat Zara

    Eyewear Celine

    Bag Hermes

    Shoes Zara

    8F44B459-9B91-4FB3-9987-C829E7899D60 E5348CE5-B272-4B23-924C-A483DB7F74B9 2142B1B6-1F00-463B-BCD7-9B5408F30EBA 4B2EEFF9-0201-49C0-A388-EC2026E8932B 74A58B74-7F88-4E4E-A0D3-1CDF9685775A 16E86A78-B306-47BC-8AC5-417292C10F2A 9BE0A6FF-19C8-4F68-9004-34E328D6F8FC

  • Christmas Wish

    Do you believe in Christmas Magic?

    I do. Whatever you wish will come true one day for sure. My only wish right now is to be with my beloved ones and all of us to be healthy and thankful for everything we have.

    I feel lucky expressing this wish at Rockefeller Center under the Christmas Tree for a better life and a better future for everyone on this planet.

    Feeling grateful for Albanians families and friends who are helping us in these difficult days.

    This post is a sincere HUG and a big Thank You but it is not a Goodbye šŸ™‚


    Coat Helene Berman

    Lipstick Lisa Eldridge

    Photography Klevin Halili


  • Brooklyn Bridge

    One of the most attractive destinations to visit in New York is Brooklyn Bridge. Despite the fact that the Bridge itself is amazing it is also a great spot for pictures because you can have a full view of Downtown Manhattan also Statue of Liberty.It is actually 10 minutes walk a very magical one in the morning and in the afternoons. I was so involve with this bridge since the first time I visited it that I wanted a chance for better pictures so here it is dream came true.

    Bloggers sometimes make sublime sacrifices to get the perfect shot like for example if you really want to capture the Bridge uncrowded which I must say it happens NEVER you can visit it at 4AM or 3AM lol.

    Im serious some bloggers have done it I have proofs. Or you can do some tricks like the one me and Kelvin applied during this shot.

    Coat Marella

    Glasses Celine

    Pants Zara

    Sneakers Adidas


    Photography Klevin Halili

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  • Tracksuit is IN

    Moving to New York is a big change for the entire family, and we have to admit that we are split in 2 groups right now. The one that Do like America and the one who actually Don’t. Your already know in which group Sharmin belongs FOR NOW.

    Having to adjust here it is not easy and keeping on posting is also a THING, but I still enjoy and keep thinking of it so here it is. The next post is about tracksuits ,I don’t blame Americans this is a trend that really fitsĀ the busy lifestyle hereĀ tracksuits are an investments. I couldn’t choose a better one than WHITE šŸ˜€ with the American flag from the man section šŸ™‚ so my husband can use it after my POST ,I am smart right.

    I have matched it with red skinny sunglasses and red coat. You tell me if you Do like it or Do NOT ?

    Tracksuit BOOHOO

    Eyewear Livho

    Photography Lorest S

    _MG_3347 _MG_3345 _MG_3321 _MG_3320 _MG_3317 _MG_3314 _MG_3304 _MG_3305 _MG_3310