• Baby Highlights

    Sonila really knows the final result what she wants to accomplish and believe me she treats the hair with such passion that I am really impressed. She was so confident that I couldn’t worry less so I enjoyed the full process so much that I now Kindly want to share here so anyone could get free tips on how to have these very natural Baby Highlights which I LOVE

    On our 2nd hair appointment Sonila decided not to use the balayage this time but the foiling technique.This technique allows the lightener to lift more effectively.
    The placement of the highlights is everything.
    Formula lightener Schwarzkopf Blonde Me with 20 volume & pH-Bonder ( hair protector).
    She started by placing highlights around my face.Very thin slices around the hairline, after that she weaved out the pieces that she wanted lighter around the face, and foliaged the rest of my hair.
    What’s Foilyage?
    Foilyage is just like balayage, but  each painted section is wrapped in foils.
    After reaching the level we needed with no undertones ,time to rinse the hair (no shampoo) and apply
    pH-Bond #2.

    Formula Melting Colour 4N Fusion by Redken with 20 volume, time for the  melted color technique! This is applied on a wet hair and roots only.
    Melting will blend the highlights with the base color on my hair so I don’t have any harsh lines.
    Finally tone all over (9AA )Shades EQ.
    Shampoo and Conditioner

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset






  • Central Park

    Last sunny days in New York so it is the right time to visit Central Park.Everyone says fall in New York is magic so here it is our fall scene in her own beauty.

    Let me share something with you guys you know what?! Here you get lots of compliments in the streets, subway, office from persons you don’t know and most of them are women. I swear you get a very positive feeling and mood just because of the exchanging compliments all day long it can be nice dress, nice hair, love your bag very short ones but the effect it is really long endures the whole day with that smile on your face. This is one outfit that has got more compliments so far also because of the unusual style the dress has all eyes on ME 🙂

    You wanna know the reaction when a women watch a well dressed women in my country, you bet it’s not positive right.

    First comment Where are you going that you put so much effort on your look?!
    Second Comment Who does she think she is First Lady of the country on those heels all dressed up.

    Third comment always related to the beloved husband. Where is her husband, where is she going so dressed up without her husband.

    I could continue so on but I think you got the idea.


    Dress Asos White

    Coat Zara

    Photography Lorest Sollaku


    IMG_3041 IMG_3032 IMG_3031 IMG_3029 IMG_3026 IMG_3025 IMG_3017 IMG_3000 IMG_2993

  • Cozy Sweater

    I’ve been asking around what do you usually  wear during winter? And what is the key to American style and the common answer was COMFORT. Everything that keeps you warm and it is comfortable in the same time.So I am asking myself how do Americans handle FASHION if they have this kind of weather. Ok I will find out during my stay here, meanwhile I am just being prepared by buying useful stuff that doesn’t have to be trendy but as simple as COMFORT is.

    Ne shqip mund te zgjatem me shume me lejohet. Por ideja e postimit te sotem eshte qe pavarsisht veshtiresive ne shqiptaret duam te vishemi mire dhe me kete nuk bejme fare kompromis.Por a mund te vishesh mire ne dimer ne nje vend ku moti dhe mendesia nuk sugjerojne keshtu? Kete do ta zbulojme gjate periudhes time te qendrimit ketu por nderkohe me duhet te vishem apo jo. Kesaj radhe po degjojme amerikanet dhe po zgjedh dicka te ngrohte e te rehatshme si ky gold gri leshi.

    Turtle Neck H&M

    Pants Asos White

    Sneakers ADIDAS

    Photography  Lorest Sollaku

    IMG_2751 IMG_2755 IMG_2766 IMG_2771 IMG_2774 IMG_2777 IMG_2779 IMG_2795 IMG_2787 IMG_2797 IMG_2788

  • MoM in the City


    Actually this is one dress I would never suggest to anybody but yeah red looks good on me and in this case I just  had fun with the camera. Meanwhile in the corner of the street there was my husband and his friend having a serios conversation about our future in this country. I was praying all Gods they didn’t see me acting like a stupid but whatever I love the pictures so I will keep posting. I wore the dress with sneakers but my daughter haven’t got a right shoot for that. Hope you enjoy my New York Style.

    Dress by LUSH

    Eyewear Le Specs

    Jewelry Pirro

    Credits Lorest Sollaku

    Faktikisht ky eshte nje fustan qe nuk do ja sugjeroja askujt por hej e dini cfare E kuqja me shkon ndaj ne kete rast nje hap mund ta hedhim sa per te luajtur para aparatit fotografik. Se fundmi nese nuk e ushqej vajzen me gji mund te konkuroj denjesisht dhe Armina Mevlanin ndaj ne kete postim ndihem vertet pak kopjace pa dashje. Ne te njejten kohe qe une dhe vajzat shkrepnim fotot im shoq ishte i shoqeruar me miqte e tij ne nie kafe ne cep te rruges perballe nesh dhe une i lutesha gjithe perendive te botes qe mos te me shikonin mua. Edhe nese do me shikonin sdo besonin qe isha une ajo idjotja .Fustanin e kisha veshur me atlete po ime bije nuk e ka pare te arsyeshme ti marre ne foto keshtu qe shijoni stilin tim New York-ez kesaj radhe sa per foto.

    IMG_2364 IMG_2366

    IMG_2345 IMG_2340 IMG_2333
    IMG_2318 IMG_2316 IMG_2301
    IMG_2298 IMG_2295

  • White for Verrazano Bridge

    I really don’t want to sound philosophical after the third kid but I truly believe that self confidence is the most beautiful attribute of a woman. As I strongly believe that self confidence isn’t gained by looking good but instead is constructed by loving yourself.

    And I think you already know that I love myself and I feel self confident in the same time.Saying that nobody and no-one can stop me of wearing my White Hat at the Verrazanos Bridge.  in a total white look.

    Jumpsuit Asos White

    Shoes DVF

    Hat Century 21

    Credits Lorest Sollaku


    Nuk dua tju tingelloj si filozofe pas femijes se trete,por une verte mendoj se besimi ne vete eshte cilesia me e bukur ne nie femer. Sikurse besoj fort qe besimi nuk fitohet duke u dukur mire por duke dashur veten.

    Dhe per ju qe me njihni e dini tashme qe une e dua shume veten che kam besim ne te ne te njejten kohe. Thene kjo askush dhe asgje smund te me ndalonte mua ste vija nje kapele te bardhe poshte Verrazano Bridge ne nie veshje me te barda.

    Fotografia Lorest Sollaku
    IMG_2454 IMG_2446 IMG_2443 IMG_2437 IMG_2434 IMG_2432 IMG_2422 IMG_2420 IMG_2411
    IMG_2406 IMG_2468


  • Manhattan

    It is very difficult to live in this country and to not become a blogger.This city is so amazing so its a easy job to take beautiful pictures everywhere .I mean last time I was here I was pregnant and I did a lot but this time its the right time girl. Hell yeah…

    I think I was the only girl in the train with bright colors and heels but yes I enjoyed the staring too. I met a friend and had a coffee at Saks Fifth Avenue and I found myself again rushing to get the girls from school, on heels…

    Things that get my attention here in New York the Air Clima OMG they almost freeze people on trains and shopping malls also at hospitals. So you need to take a cardigan or jacket with you even in the hottest day of the summer.


    Dress Warehouse

    Shoes Ivanka Trump

    Bag Dolce Gabbana

    Eshte shame e veshtire te jetosh ne New York dhe te mos behesh blogere.Ky qytet eshte kaq i mrekullueshem sa puna te behet e lehte pası mund te shkrepesh foto te bukura kudo. Heren e fundi qe isha ketu isha shtatzene por mund te them qe nuk i lashe gje mangut New Yorkut ,por kesaj here ,oh kesaj here mendoj se do ja nxjerr fundin.

    Mund te them qe sot se isha vajza e vetme ne tren me ngjyra te forta e me taka ,por duhet ta pranoj qe me shijuan dhe veshtrimet e njerzve. Pasi takova nje mikeshe ne qytet e shijuam kafen ne Saks Fifth Avenue ,se ne shqiptaret nuk mund ta marrim kafen ne dore apo jo e gjeta veten duke nxituar si amerikane per te marre vajzat nga shkolla.

    Gjeja qe me ka bere pershtypje me shume deri tani ne NY eshte ajri i kondicionuar.Zot i madh duket skur qellimi i tyre eshte ti ngrijne njerezit ne trena dyqane apo spitale. Duhet patjeter te marresh nje triko apo xhakete me vete edhe ne diten me te nxehte te veres.

    IMG_2264 IMG_2259

    IMG_2256 IMG_2255 IMG_2254 IMG_2253
    IMG_2251 IMG_2237

    IMG_2213 IMG_2210

  • New York New York

    Pershendetje miq,

    duhet te jem e sinqerte me ju qe ne New York nuk jam per NYFW por per nje te ardhme me te mire per femijet. Edhe pse fillimi pritet te jete i veshtire une nuk kam ndermend te dorezohem,ndaj do me duroni dhe ketej me postime simpatike .

    Sic eshte ky I rradhes. Me besoni qe kjo nuk eshte pamja e zakonshme ketu do flaşım per te gjitha por le te themi eshte zgjedhja ime e pare.Kjo eshte lagjia ku jetoj momentalisht dhe fotot jane realizuar me Lorest ndaj mendoj se hapin e pare e beme.

    Ju pershendesim nga NY dhe shihemi ne postimin tjeter. Ah po tani duhet te filloj te postoj dhe ne Anglisht


    Hello my dears

    I have to be honest with you I am not in New York to attend Fashion Weeks but for a better future for my kids. We already know that every new beginning isn’t  easy  but I don’t intend to quit you have to handle me even overseas with my nice posts right?

    Like this one. You have to believe me this is not my usual look ,and we will talk about that too in my upcoming posts but let say this was my first choice. This is the neighborhood I am staying right now and pictures are taken from my daughter Lorest so we started this new adventure.

    We greet you from NY and see you next post. My English sounds weird because I still think in Albanian but we will improve that promise.



    IMG_2173 IMG_2171 IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2159%2
</p srcset=

  • Sheshi Skenderbe

    Mendoj se cdokush duhet te krijoje kujtimet e tij me vendin e vet dhe per brezin tone Sheshi Skenderbe ka qene vendi i fotografive te pervjetoreve. Te gjithe kemi fotografi me sandalet me corape e pantallonat e shkurtra aty nen kalin e Skenderbeut  apo te shatervanet ne shesh. Mendoj se ishte mendim i mire te kishte dhe bebi Damar fotografine e saj te Skenderbeu me shpresen qe sheshi do fitoje identitetin e tij e do behet me i bukur se sot.

    credits Soela Zani

    DEEE7F67-2AF4-439D-8FC4-4111D6EABD4C 604B8B3E-F45A-44A2-89F3-06C428C2AC2F 2D774271-9430-40B6-9E48-1132059D607C 03EE2B8C-C5BA-4283-823A-D186AC680373 90511BAD-B461-494E-8534-87789388175E 3781F71C-9C5D-4372-A0BD-7F685838A751 1A8EA374-B576-44E2-B093-16DE7ABB40E7 8419D20D-28B7-4F08-A219-BD788DEBE25C A7933303-D622-4C38-A5E4-21CA5CE96586 795AA68D-3BE0-4AD7-9811-F6979776E690 CA0419A2-DD3C-4B51-8BD4-FCEC7CAD4CEA

  • Black is back

    Kushdo qe thote e zeza nuk eshte per veren duhet te shikoje baby Damar… me mamin.

    Ok e pranoj qe nuk duhet ta perdor vajzen si aksesor por me besoni ndonjehere eshte menyra e vetme qe une te bej foto si kesaj rradhe nuk mund ta lija vetem ne makine kam deshmitare. Dhe nuk pendohem aspak qe u be pjese e setit pasi

    une dua shume ta mbaj kete ditar te bukur mode dhe e bej me shume pasion kete “pune” ndaj duhet ndonje sakrifice e vogel.

    Veshja Kohar

    Photography is Courtesy of Lorest Sollaku

    IMG_2103 IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120

  • Phyto Summer Festival

    Eksperienca kete vit me Phyton ishte pak me ndryshe per mua. Eventi ishte organizuar ne Ajaccio ne Korsike dhe udhetimi ishte me 2 tranzite. Kete vit me duhej te lija vetem baby Damarin dhe kjo ishte nje sfide tjeter per mua.Por duke marre pompen me vete e duke i lene qumeshtin e gjirit dhe formulen ne shtepi isha disi me e qete dhe me nje dado si timen mund te besh udhetimin e globit pa merakun me te vogel.

    Por gjerat me vitet ndryshokan disi dhe une tashme lashe pas 3 vajzat ndaj nuk e di isha shuuume e ndjeshme kesaj rradhe.

    Ndalesa e pare ishte Nice dhe une e vizitova shume shpejt ne darke vetem. Me pas udhetova per ne Ajaccio ku behej dhe festivali i Phytos. Pritja ishte si gjithmone shume e mire me nje dhome me pamje te shkelqyer e  me plot dhurata produktet e Phytos qe une gia i perdor e i rekomandoj. Pas sistemimit ne dhome dhe nje dreke buze detit vetem u bera gati per darken e pare nje fustan te bardhe deri ne fund te kembeve.Kete vit ishin vetem 2 blogere qe i kisha takuar me pare ne eventin e Lierac Kuvajti dhe Serbia. Phyto kish organizuar nje loje ne perfundim te darkes nje mundesi per tu njohur me mire,duhet te lexonim disa fletushka e me pas te gjenim personin qe i perkiste.

    Kosoves i qelloi te lexonte fleten time dhe sigurisht e gjeti qe isha une,me pas personazhi duhet te thoshte dicka me shume per veten.Nuk e di cfare ndodhi por une u derdha me nje inspirational speach te cilin e shqiptoja me shume emocion e me zerin qe dridhej e ne fund fjalimi im prej Oscari nuk mund te mos shoqerohej me duartrokitje.Ai ishte momenti me emocionues per mua gjate eventit pikerisht sepse gjerat qe artikulova ishin te verteta per mua,e as mos me pysni cfare thashe se as vete nuk e di tamam 🙂

    Gjithe eventi 2 ditor kishte oraret e veta te pompimit te gjirit ne dhome qe per mua dhe Libanezen nje zonje e bukur e zgjuar dhe e kompletuar qe me la shume mbresa dhe te cilin jua ftoj ta ndiqni ne insta me @lanaelsahely .

    Dita e dyte na priste me mengjesin francez ,workshopin per Phyton si dhe udhetimin ne brigjet e Ajaccios me katamaran. Mua me zuri ne fund deti dhe nuk u bashkova per dreken por ika ne dhome dhe kuptohet mes te vjellave duhej serish te merresha me gjoksin kush me ka ndjekur ato 2 dite besoj kuptohej qe ai nuk eshte numri im natyral por just qumeshti i bebit ahahah

    Darka gala e Phyto Summer Festival ishte organizuar buze detit me henen ne sfond,nje tavoline e shtruar mrekullisht bukur dhe ushqimi qe  sherbehej si nje veper arti. Veshja ime per Darken gala ishte nje fustan i bardhe nga Tier i cili beri spektaklin e vet,te gjitha shtetet me besoni u impresionuan qe kisha zgjedhur nje stiliste shqiptare dhe u ndjeva si ato nuset ne dasem qe bejne foto me te gjithe.

    Eventi serish me dha kujtime te bukura e miq te rinj ndaj gjej rastin te falenderoj dhe njehere Phyto Albania e Phyto Paris qe me zgjodhen mua te jem pjese.

    Photo Credits @phytoparis

    Phyto-Summer festival_007 Phyto-Summer festival_008 Phyto-Summer festival_017 Phyto-Summer festival_018 Phyto-Summer festival_019 Phyto-Summer festival_020 Phyto-Summer festival_021 Phyto-Summer festival_022 Phyto-Summer festival_076 Phyto-Summer festival_077 Phyto-Summer festival_148
    Phyto-Summer festival_150 Phyto-Summer festival_151
    Phyto-Summer festival_227 Phyto-Summer festival_234
    Phyto-Summer festival_358 Phyto-Summer festival_359 Phyto-Summer festival_366 Phyto-Summer festival_410 Phyto-Summer festival_411
    Phyto-Summer festival_413
    Phyto-Summer festival_450 Phyto-Summer festival_451 Phyto-Summer festival_452 Phyto-Summer festival_453 Phyto-Summer festival_454 Phyto-Summer festival_455 Phyto-Summer festival_466

    Phyto-Summer festival_549 Phyto-Summer festival_551 Phyto-Summer festival_558 Phyto-Summer festival_563 Phyto-Summer festival_569